Choco Almond Fudge

Two scoop of Belgian dark chocolate ice cream mixed with roasted almond & lots of hot choco fudge topping with choco stick with love.

Choco Horlick

Dark Chocolate ice cream mix with perk, oreo, choco chips, cashews & hot fudge.

Dry Fruit Delight

Mixed with dry ice cream crushed with fig & nuts.

Lychee Bechyee

Fresh natural ice cream mixed with organic lychee fruit.

Brownie Treat

Ice Cream with choco walnut brownie & dripping hot choco fudge.

Laughing Pop

Ice cream sprinkled with popping & gems, jelly, stone stick, choco stick, choco chips crackling with topped that popped in the mouth for a fun, laughter & Magic pop.

Chocki Chocklaty

Chocolate ice cream mix with choco chips chocolate pastry, choco fudge & choco stick.

Volcanic Hot Lava

Dark Chocolate ice cream smashed with choco chips, oreo, hot fudge dripped with hot choco lava & Installed with choco stick.

Loaded Nuts

Combination of caramel & butter scotch ice cream mixed up with roasted almonds, cashew & topping with choco stick.

Coconut Pleasure

Playing on the stone with fresh natural ice cream & mixed up with cashew, almond, pista.

Yummy Choco Overdose

Two-scoops of yummy ice cream fused with chocolaty pastry & topping with melting choco walnut brownie.

Candy Crush

A delightful combination of vanilla & amp strawberry ice cream with choco chips, jujubee, gems & choco stick.

Oreo Land

Ice cream with Crunchy oreo land cookies & dripped with hot fudge.

Royal Ferrero

Chocolate ice cream shufed with ferero rocher repeated with hot fudge & topping with ferraro & choco stick.

Amazing Fruit

Multi avour of natural ice cream with exoctic fruits as a topping.

Fruit Fusion & Nuts

Strawberry ice cream, crushed with g, apple, pineapple & roasted cashew.

Hazel Nutella

Delicious Ice Cream mixed with creamy nutella & dark brownie atlast topping with choco stick.